Transform the Healthcare Ecosystem and invest in ideas, technologies, people, or companies that have the potential to fundamentally change the Quality of Life of Patients.

"Jesus sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. "
Luke 9:2

Investment Strategy

We are looking for investment opportunities that:

  • Are uniquely better
  • Address an unmet or under-resourced Need
  • Produces a transformation in standard of care and patient outcome

We invest across the spectrum of health care including:

  •  Therapeutics
  • Medical Devices
  • Diagnostics
  • Healthcare IT
  • Life Science Tools

Investment Approach

  • We integrate science and technology with commercialization to accelerate production of an operational product or service
  • Data science is our building block to innovate within our pillars and accelerate our investments
  • We utilize our extensive ecosystem to collaborate with companies, universities, hospitals, charitable organizations or other organizations that provide strategic value to investment within our portfolio

Investment Criteria

  • We invest in ideas and early-stage technologies that have significant commercial potential
  • We invest in early-stage companies that have transformative technologies and innovative technical founders
  • We invest in established companies (whether private or public) of any enterprise value that support or enable the development and commercialization of other technologies in our portfolio
  • We are willing to invest both philanthropically and commercially (e.g. VC/PE) across all stages of development

Investment Platform

An example of this in practice is our “Restoration of the Body” initiative applied to cancers.  Kingdom Capital invests in technologies that harness a patient's immune system or utilize immunological tools to address the entire spectrum of treatments typically experienced in order to improve patient outcomes and lower the cost of treatment.